Things you should consider before having sex in the ocean

You definitely would want to explore your sexual experience. It can be too boring for you to have one way and place of having sex. As an adult, you got to try other things to get the secret of sweet sex. One of the common directions that people would take is to consider having sex in the ocean. However, there are things that you must consider before you go for it as follows:

• Is it legal in your place?

In most cases, public sex is considered illegal. You would not want to get yourself into legal problems. You should first confirm if beach sex is legal in that specific beach of your preference. If not, you should consider looking for a better alternative. You don’t want to have sex with your eyes wide open to check around for people. It will not satisfy.

• If it does not happen, do you have another option?

This is something that should always be part of your plan. You might end up not having sex in the ocean at all. This is because the man might not erect in the water if the water is too cold. If the penis erects, it might not sustain the erection long enough to sustain sex. Well, not in all cases will you experience such a problem. If it does happen however, you should not be gotten in surprise. You should be willing and prepared to have other options. For instance, you should be willing to move to the beach and make it happen. It can be so disappointing to go back home having not experienced what you wanted to have.

• Make time for foreplay

Having sex in the ocean is not something that is as easy as it is on bed. This is because of the temperature in water might not allow for fast erection. It needs some meaningful foreplay to make it happen. Therefore, you should be willing to take it slowly. In fact, women take really long time to get aroused for good sex. Do not be in a hurry lest you don’t experience what you were waiting for eagerly.

• Dress appropriately

Lastly, you should consider dressing in attire which is easy to take out. Alternatively, you should go for one designed for sex so that you don’t have to remove it. This will help you get into it immediately the two of you feel ready. Don’t dress on something that delays the whole thing.

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